If you want the best lower body, ankle straps help you achieve your goal. Ankle straps are one of the main gym equipment. The straps include a hook on the back or side and are adjustable to fit snugly around your ankles. You may attach these straps to a device known as a cable pulley. By doing this, you’ll be able to move freely while working your abs and legs in various planes, thanks to cable pulleys. Ankle straps’ features will enable you to train your legs more effectively than any other piece of exercise gear.

Many athletes use ankle straps because they enable you to execute a powerful exercise that may improve your lower body when used with a cable pulley machine. Many athletes frequently use ankle straps with cable machines because they increase training effectiveness and speed up the process of sculpting your lower body. Athletes use ankle straps for a variety of reasons.

It Helps You Get the Perfect Lower Body Shape

You may target your legs, hamstrings, glutes, and lower body using the cable machine’s ankle straps. The incredible gym tools aid in leaner, more muscular physique development by toning and tightening your muscle areas. It must be connected to your cable machine before you can begin a fantastic glutes exercise and see significant improvements.

Execute Some Exercises.

The ankle straps work with practically all standard cable systems and other gear of a similar nature. You may execute various exercises using the cable machine ankle straps, including leg extensions, hip abductors, leg workouts, and glute workouts. Ankle straps are the most delicate gym equipment you can get if you want to mix up your lower body training.

Convenient To Use Ankle Straps

Ankle straps are far comfier on your body than other workout gear. You can quickly exercise your legs, core, and butt using ankle straps while gaining leaner, stronger muscles.

Stays snug

Particularly during a strenuous workout, each ankle strap’s cuff has a dependable fastening system that can support additional pulls, weights, and stretches. While you exercise, the ankle straps are kept firm and never swung up and down, thanks to the innovative fastening method.

How to utilise ankle straps correctly now that you are familiar with their fundamentals and advantages.

How to Use Ankle Straps ?

To effectively utilise ankle straps, adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Look for a cable machine that has a movable pulley.
  2. Modify the cable
  3. Place an ankle strap around each of your ankles.
  4. Verify that it is secure.
  5. Attach the ankle strap to the cable pulley’s carabiner hook.

Let’s go through the exercises that may help you tone your butt, core, and glute once you have mastered the proper usage of the ankle straps.

Legs Raise

Even though it’s a little tricky on the abdominal muscles workout improves your core and toning and tightening your lower body. Make sure you have a flat bench to lie down on before beginning this exercise. Put your ankle straps on both of them and connect the cord to them simultaneously, keeping them together. Your feet should be facing the pulley machine, and your entire body should be in a straight line. You can grip the bench you’re resting on or nearby support to keep your equilibrium. Lift both of your ankles in the air while maintaining control of your movement such that your body forms an “L.” Straighten your legs at all times. Return to the starting position gradually. Complete the required amount of repetitions after this.

Hips Abduction Exercise

The Hip Abductor is a glute-targeting workout focusing on shaping your butt and hips to give them the ideal form. Wear your ankle straps and attach one side of the pulley machine to the machine before starting this workout. The shoulder facing the device should be on the unweight leg. Squeeze your glutes while raising the weighted leg to the side. After then, carefully lower your leg. Thus, one rep is finished. After completing the prescribed number of repetitions, move to the other leg and repeat.

Internal Thickness Contractions

This workout targets the inner of your legs, as its name suggests. The opposite of hip abductors is this. Use Ankle Strap to secure the inside ankle to the cable when standing in front of a pulley system. Once in place, raise the weighted leg off the floor and out to the side until you can no longer pull. After a brief period of holding this posture, return to your starting position. Once you have finished the exercise for one leg, go on to the other.

Curl Hamstrings

As its name implies, the hamstring muscles are the focus of this cable workout, and it tones them, so they develop a pump. Maintain the machine’s lowest setting and attach one ankle to it, like with the Hip Abductors. As you elevate the weighted leg till your heels contact your butt, face the machine while gripping it. Your entire body will now rest on one leg. Hold this position for a little while before returning to your starting position. Thus, one rep is finished. After completing the specified reps on one side, move to the other leg.

Hamstring curls are lying flat.

This workout works the glutes and hamstrings. Prepare a bench and set it back from the cable machine a bit. Put the ankle straps on both of your ankles. Connect the cable to both your ankle straps while setting it to the lowest position. Depending on your preference, lies face down on the floor or on a bench. Start with a straight line across your body. Slowly raise your legs, so your butt is in contact with your heels. After a little pause, go back to your starting location. Finish the number of repetitions you want.

Leg Extensions exercise

This exercise challenges your balance and engages your glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors in addition to your hamstrings, like the cable hamstring curls. Maintain the same starting position when performing a cable hamstring curl, the lowest setting on the machine, with one ankle attached at a time. Your body should be facing the pulley machine from the front. Gently bend your knees to form a right angle with your weighted leg, and then slowly stretch your legs backwards until they are straight. Your quadriceps and hip flexors are put under pressure by this motion. Achieve a 90-degree angle once again. Thus, one rep is finished. After completing the recommended number of repetitions on one side, move to the other leg.


Kickbacks exercise the booty in addition to the glutes. Ten times more weight through wires means ten times more intensity! To isolate the glutes:

  1. Contract them as you perform this exercise.
  2. Wear your ankle straps on each of them and connect them to the cord when the pulley machine is set to the lowest level.
  3. Hold the device with your back to it while extending your leg.
  4. Once you’ve held this position, go back to your starting position.

Thus, one rep is finished. The other leg and repeat the process. Repeat the prescribed number of times.

Lateral Lunges

The muscles worked during this exercise are the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. Your glutes are pumped up with the additional weight caused by the wire! Wear your ankle strap on one ankle and connect it to the cable when the cable machine is set to the lowest level. The side that is not weighted should be towards the cable pulley device. Use your weighted leg to take a comprehensive side step, or a typical side lunge, while flexing your knee in the lunge position. Hold this posture for a little while. Repatriate the required amount of times with the opposite leg.


This workout focuses on your abs. Wear your ankle straps on both ankles and fasten them to the cable simultaneously when the pulley machine is set at the lowest position. Keep your ankles together. Get into the normal crunch posture while lying flat on the ground. Start doing regular crunches while extending your legs more. Crunches make the workout more challenging by allowing the cable’s weight to exert additional pressure on your legs. Repeat as many times as needed.

Lunges benefits for athletes

You can tone your butt and activate your abs with these cable lunges. Keep the cable attached, the ankle trap on one ankle, and the pulley set to the lowest position. To feel the weight of the line acting on your legs, step back a bit from the machine. Pull the weighted knee to your chest while keeping your hands on your hips to maintain balance, and then slowly lower yourself into a backward lunge. Hold the back lunge position for a brief while before returning to the knee-to-chest position. Thus, one rep is finished. Follow the specified repetitions for one leg before moving on to the other.

Cable Exercise for legs and Glutes

The most incredible cable workouts to get a beautiful glute, a strong core, and toned legs are discussed in this section.

Kickbacks cable exercise as a Glute-Perfecting

Cable kickbacks are one of the most significant exercises you can perform to train your body and improve your weak glutes. The cable glute workout is crucial for shaping your lower body.

  1. Maintain the cable pulley on the lowest setting while fastening a strap around your ankles.
  2. Hold the device while facing it, using your arm to maintain balance.
  3. It would help if you extended the weighted leg as far back as possible.
  4. After holding it for one second at the peak, carefully return the leg to its starting position.
  5. Fifteen repetitions total for each leg.

Weighted leg raises are a good core exercise.

The ankle weight exercises can help you strengthen your core in addition to your legs and glutes. One of the finest core workouts is weighted leg raises:

  • Grab a bench and fasten the cord to each of your ankles, keeping them together.
  • Lying on the bench, point your ankles toward the pulley machine.
  • To stay balanced, grab a neighboring machine or bench.
  • Raise both of your weighted ankles slowly into the air.
  • You can drop the legs once your body forms an “L.”
  • This movement must be felt in the abdomen region.
  • Aim for at least 20 reps.

Ankle straps are a unique gym accessory that helps you achieve a toned and perfect lower body. By incorporating a cable machine workout routine into your training schedule, you can see a noticeable difference in your lower body within no time.

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