Sportswear, often known as activewear, refers to any clothes or footwear worn for physical activity. If you can believe it, women’s comfortable and informal attire for watching spectator sports were referred to as sportswear in the 1920s. Stretch textiles’ development made it possible to make zip-up windbreakers, anoraks, and nylon athletic shorts. Pakistan is well-known for sportswear manufacturing on a global level.

Pakistan sportswear industry

One of the world’s biggest and most well-known sports goods businesses is in Pakistan. Many of the most prominent international brands, including Nike, Puma, Adidas, Umbro, Lotto, Mitre, Wilson, Micassa, Diadora, and Decathlon, get a significant portion of the sports items it exports.

For many years, Pakistan has maintained its place as one of the prominent participants in the international commerce of sporting products. Pakistan supplies both national and international brands with sports equipment. The requirements of a particular market, which might change from area to region, are considered during the manufacturing of items for export.

History of Pakistan’s sports industry

In this subcontinent region, sports goods production has a long history dating back to the late 1800s. A British Army soldier named Sardar Ganda Singh created the first factory producing sports equipment in the city of Sialkot. The factory initially exclusively made sports equipment, including cricket bats, polo shirts, and sticks, but later on, it also began making clothing.

Pakistan Sportswear Manufacture Hub

With more than a century of experience, Sialkot’s sports business works with several household names. The sports goods industry in Sialkot supplies goods to almost every nation on earth, either directly or indirectly. For products manufactured largely for foreign markets, the quality that goes into the choice of raw materials, design, production procedures, and delivery to the clients has garnered a reputation on a worldwide scale. The sports industry in Pakistan is one of the greatest in the world in terms of both employment and income. Sialkot is particularly important to the importers of sporting goods.

Many reputable companies that produce and sell luxury athletic goods to both local and international markets are based in the city. Over the years, Sialkot’s sports products market has expanded tremendously. It is now well-known around the world and contributes significantly to Pakistan’s exports. With more than a century of experience, Sialkot’s sports business works with several international brands.

Here are some details

  • The best raw materials, including leather, wood, glue, nylon guts, rubber, and various chemicals, are used in the production of sporting products in the area. In addition to being of high quality, they are also quite robust.
  • Over the years, Pakistan has sold sporting equipment to almost 90 nations, including Germany, the USA, the UK, France, and Italy. This is how Pakistan rose to the top of worldwide commerce in sporting products.
  • The product line consists of many kinds of sporting goods utilized in a wide range of sports, including football, volleyball, rugby, cricket, hockey, baseball, tennis, badminton, and many more. In addition, it makes sports equipment such as beach balls, netting, gloves, guards, pads, and outfits.
  • More than 80% of all exported sports items are footballs, gloves, and apparel. Pakistani-made footballs have historically been used in international competitions. The two Pakistani-made footballs that were used in the FIFA World Cups in Brazil, Russia, and Qatar, respectively, were called Brazuca and Telstar. For the world cups held from 1990 through 2022, hand-stitched footballs were also provided by Pakistan.

Major Sportswear Manufacturer Units in Sialkot:

This city’s sports industry has been active for more than a century and collaborates with several well-known businesses. There are many sports goods and apparel manufacturers in Sialkot. In Pakistan, there are also several internationally renowned companies that source from Sialkot. One of the largest sportswear manufacturers in Sialkot is Wahid Leather and Fitness.

Wahid Leather and Fitness

One of the earliest leather manufacturing companies is Wahid Leather. When it comes to product quality and vendor dependability, Wahid leather, a producer and exporter of sportswear and fitness products, is known for precision and high-quality work. Wahid Leather now produces high-quality sporting items and apparel for customers throughout the globe.

To create a raw material production line for weightlifting accessories in Sialkot, Wahid Knitting & Elastic took the initiative. In 1988, the city’s first-ever assembly line went into operation. Wahid Leather & Fitness, which is committed to providing excellence, has the privilege of producing and providing raw materials to nearly all significant exporters of fitness accessories.

There are several sports product lines at Wahid Leather made of various leather and cotton-polyester blends, each with unique qualities and beauty. The following leather items are produced by Wahid Leather and exported to other countries.

  • Sports Wears
  • GYM wears
  • BOXING gear
  • Gloves
  • Boxing Outfit


What are the sports goods of Pakistan?

In addition, Pakistan is regarded as a top producer of hockey sticks, cricket bats, footballs, sportswear and cricket balls. These goods are well known on the market everywhere.

How much football does Pakistan export?

Pakistan’s exports of football are expected to rise by 62.22%. Following the FIFA World Cup 2022, Pakistani-Made Football will be exported. In the first four months of the fiscal year 2022-2023, compared to the same time in 2017, exports of football grew by 62.22%.

Are FIFA footballs made in Pakistan?

Pakistan, a country obsessed with cricket, is contributing significantly to the FIFA World Cup by producing the balls used on the Qatar practice grounds and replicas marketed to spectators around the world.

Where is Pakistan football made?

Along with China and India, Pakistan continues to be one of the top producers of soccer balls worldwide. In the fiscal year 2021–2022, more than 43 million balls worth $191 million were produced in Sialkot, according to the local chamber of commerce. 

Where does Pakistan export sports?

Pakistan has historically exported sporting items to about 90 nations, including Germany, the USA, the UK, France, and Italy. This is how our nation rose to the top of worldwide commerce in sporting products.

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