Sialkot, Lahore, and Karachi are home to most of Pakistan’s leather industry. Numerous “integrated” factories exist where skins are tanned, coloured, and transformed into clothing. Cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, and other animals provide the utilised skins.

Sialkot has a long history of producing leather and leather goods, making it a highly well-known city. Around 100 years ago, leather was first used to create footballs. The manufacture of leather gloves began in the early 1970s, and leather clothing soon followed. In the 1980s, synthetic leather took the role of genuine leather in football manufacturing.

As a result, the tanners making leather for the football industry began producing leather for gloves, clothing, and other leather items. This prompted the establishment of a leather goods manufacturing sector in Sialkot. The industry mainly made leather gloves and clothing for sale to Europe and the United States. The leather clothing industry was centred in Sialkot, which was well-represented in North America and Europe. The exports from Sialkot began to enter the North American market in the 1990s and rose in volume in the European markets. Currently, Sialkot contributes around 65%, 90%, and 70% of Pakistan’s leather clothing, gloves, and club attire exports, respectively.

Leather industry of Sialkot

The leather industry contributes significantly to the nation’s foreign exchange earnings. Sialkot and Karachi are the cities with the greatest concentration in this sector. According to a survey done by LIDO in 1997, there were 355 units overall, 186 of which were in Sialkot. The industry directly employs about 12,000 people in Sialkot. The knowledge and abilities that the Sialkot leather clothing business owners have absorbed from the city’s export culture provide them with a significant advantage over their rivals in Karachi.

The finest leathers are used in the construction of impeccable modern items. The artisans’ abilities also give Pakistan’s products an unbeatable competitive advantage over its rivals. The existence of SMEs, which have served as the industry’s development engine by quickly adjusting to shifting consumer and market trends, is another distinguishing feature of the sector. Each year, this industry exports items valued at US$ 217 (M).

Where are major leather manufacturers located in Sialkot?

Moreover, the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry has registration records for almost 3,000 businesses (SCCI). Most of these are small and medium-sized businesses that engage in trade and are sometimes called “Commercial Exporters.” Although the primary cluster is dispersed around the city, there are significant concentrations on:

  • Daska Road
  • Defence Road
  • Marala Road
  • Small Industrial Estate, Shahabpura
  • Uggoki Road
  • Kashmir Road
  • Pasrur Road

In addition to these locations, the Factories also set up many stitching units in the adjacent villages.

What are the best leather sportswear manufacturers in Sialkot? 

Almost every country in the globe receives items directly or indirectly from Sialkot’s Sports Goods Industry. The quality that goes into the choice of raw materials, design, production techniques, and delivery to the clients has earned recognition globally for goods produced primarily for foreign markets. Regarding employment and income, Pakistan’s sports sector is among the best in the world. The importers of fitness goods use Sialkot, in particular, as a significant centre. The city is home to several respected businesses producing and exporting high-end athletic items to domestic and foreign markets.

Wahid leather and fitness

Wahid leather and fitness is situated at Ali Street No 2 P.O Fatehgarh, Haji Pura Daska Road Sialkot, Sialkot, 51310.  The manufacturer of premium sportswear and leather goods with more than 40 years of expertise is Wahid Leather Group. In contrast to their leather goods, which include gloves, suits, bags, and belts, their sportswear includes tracksuits, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and boxing accessories. Additionally, they give their customers a particular advantage in terms of price and general profitability. A comprehensive final inspection is carried out before shipment as part of the company’s strict quality control strategy.

Several sports product lines at Wahid leather are manufactured from various sorts of leather and cotton polyester, each with its features and magnificence. The Wahid group exports leather products to the world and makes the following leather products:

  • GYM wears
  • BOXING gear
  • Gloves
  • MMA gloves
  • Boxing Outfit
  • Wrist straps for lifting
  • Ankle straps for gym double-ended speed bag
  • Wrist wraps for powerlifting


Wahid leather is one of the oldest leather manufacturing corporations. As a manufacturer and exporter of leather goods, we are renowned for our accuracy and high-quality work, making us the customer’s first choice regarding product quality and vendor integrity. Today, we make top-notch leather goods for consumers worldwide in our fully integrated leather goods plant. Pakistan’s Sialkot is home to the Wahid Leather.

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