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When we start a fitness equipment company, we may find ourselves in a place to make big decisions. Wahid leather & Fitness has been formed as a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Fitness and Leather products. The express purpose of our company is to export the most delicate fitness equipment around the globe.

Over the years, the company’s range of world-class fitness equipment grew significantly. Today, Wahid leather & Fitness is the preferred choice for fitness equipment in the home, corporate, institutional, and commercial segments. Annually at least 10-12 Million Gloves are produced in Sialkot, and about 40% of those gloves, straps & wraps manufactured in Sialkot have had our presence in the form of our elastic, mesh, spandex, 4way, Lycra.

We manufacture high-quality with unique design fitness products. Fitness Equipment is a subset of the larger sporting sectors. Fitness equipment includes treadmills, free weight, weight machines, and elliptical trainers. Our primary focus is to maintain the high quality of our products and have an effective quality control system.