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Wahid Knitting & Elastic took the initiative to manufacture raw material production line for weightlifting accessories in Sialkot. The first-ever Assembly line in the city came into effect in 1988. Dedicated to giving perfection, we have the honor of manufacturing and supplying the raw material to almost every major exporter of fitness accessories.

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Manufacture, exporter
& wholesale gym equipment, you might consider Wahid Leather & fitness. We provide combinations of the most popular cardio and weight training products bundled together to save you money. Wholesale gym equipment is less expensive than equipment found in most exercise or sporting goods stores. We have a wide range of products available at low prices to suit you.

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Few Key clients of the Company


Itek Solutions Ltd. (Scotland) Brand Name: Cerberus Strength
Dmoose Fitness Inc. (USA) Brand Name: Dmoose
Hyperforce Strength Athletics (Canada) Brand Name: Hyperforce
Mighty Musk Ltd (UK) Brand Name: Mighty Musk
Boxfit (Poland) Brand Name: Boxfit
Rokket Sports (Romania) Brand Name: Rokket
9FT Sports Inc. (USA) Brand Name: 9FT
Skick Ltd. (UK) Brand Name: Skick
MA Biz Pty Ltd. Brand Name: MABIZ
Vintage Baseball Factory (USA) Brand Name: VBBF