Lifters from many different disciplines love the best dip belt, often known as the upper-body squat, and for a good reason. This workout puts a lot of strain on your triceps, shoulders, and chest. For those who are unfamiliar with the exercise, it is often performed while standing erect on dip bars with your arms parallel to your body and your hands on the bars. One rep consists of lowering till elbows almost break 90 degrees, then pushing back up to the starting position. You might need the best dip belts once lifting your own body weight is simple.

The front of the dip belts has a chain or strap that may be used to attach various weights, such as plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, or a willing partner. They wrap around your lower torso and rest against your lower back. Since there are many different types of fitness dip belts on the market (including leather, nylon, neoprene, and others), let’s progressively descend into our top choices and then rise up with the one that is perfect for you.

What Is The Difference Between A Dip Belt And A Weight Vest?

Have you ever owned a weight vest before? If so, are you curious as to whether you may use it in place of a dip belt? Then, the response is both yes and no. Weight vests and dip belts function similarly. Both of them increase resistance beyond your own body weight to aid in muscular growth. You are wearing a dip belt around your waist and a weight vest across your chest.

Additionally, you may suspend extra weight plates from the gym belt with a chain and add more weight plates to the weight vest.

Both of these are intended to make standard workouts more challenging.

However, there are two significant distinctions between belts and vests, such as:

Weight vests are a little more adaptable because they may be worn for both aerobic and weight training.

Is Dip belts work better at assisting you in adding muscle?

First off, weight vests may be used for both aerobic and strength training. For increased challenge, you may, for instance, walk while wearing a weight vest and perform squats. They are ineffective for the majority of upper body workouts as well as the majority of strength training activities. Conversely, dip belts may support more weight than vests.

The steel chain technically can hold as many Olympic-sized plates as you choose. Additionally, dip belts outperform vests in terms of intense muscle growth. Belts, however, are not as adaptable as vests. You are mostly confined to pull-up, dip, and squat workouts while using dip belts. We strongly advise purchasing both a weight vest and a dip belt. In this manner, you may make use of both pieces of equipment’s muscle-building effects.

Top Dip Belt Exercises

By enabling you to carry out many exercises, a weighted dip belts and Neoprene Lifting Belt aid you in gaining a number of advantages. The following is a list of some of the best dip belt exercises:

  • Weighted DipsWeighted
  • Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups
  • Hip Belt Squats


What Is The Best Dip Belt In The Market?

Dark iron

The Dark Iron belt satisfies all of our criteria. Furthermore, it goes well beyond what we often anticipate from a non-chain dip belt. The best feature of this belt is how well it balances comfort and toughness.

The nylon belt can support an enormous weight lifting dip belt without breaking, while the leather belt is incredibly gentle on the waist. The Dark Iron belt is your best option if you want a no-nonsense dip belt that provides exceptional value.

Wahid Group 

A traditional leather dip belt with a steel chain called the Wahid. It does feature a metal chain. However, unlike other metal chain belts, it is neither intrusive nor difficult to manage. Given that it can handle a maximum of 225 pounds, it is an especially excellent choice for novice lifters. Additionally, the strengthened D rings and carabineers provide safety. Choose the Wahid leather dip belt if you want a straightforward beginner’s belt.


The Harbinger polypropylene belt may be the most comfortable dip belt on our list. You hardly notice that there is anything wrapped around your waist since the polypropylene fabric is so smooth and silky. The drawback of its comfort is that it can’t support very big loads. This belt can support a maximum weight of about 200 pounds. As a result, it is best suited for beginners and intermediate lifters rather than the most experienced ones. This is the best for you if you’re a newbie lifter looking for the most comfortable one.


Are you not capable of dipping belts? Are you an experienced lifter seeking to enhance your exercise programme? You should look into the Iron Bull Dip Belt if you answered “yes” to either of those questions. This belt is definitely cutting-edge. Three distinct anchor straps are present—one in the middle and two on either side. Numerous variations and body part isolation are possible because of the various anchor points. If all you want to do is build muscle and hypertrophy, this Iron Bull belt is a no-brainer.


The cheapest belt on our list is the RimSports Premium model. Additionally, it is made to be portable, so you can fit it simply and without taking up much room in your workout bag. The imports belt satisfies every need for a fundamental metal chain dip belt. Although it doesn’t have many remarkable characteristics, it is highly comfortable, breathable, and can support up to 200 pounds at its maximum weight. Choose the RimSports belt if you’re new to dip belts or want a straightforward addition to your assortment of workout gear.


No buying guide for exercise equipment is ever complete without mentioning at least one item from Rogue. We always have high expectations for Rogue’s equipment as a pioneer in the workout equipment market. And the rogue dip belt does not let you down. Perhaps the toughest belt available is the Rogue model.

It features broad straps that are built into the belt itself, unlike other belts. This function enables you to load the belt with greater weight, which the belt then disperses around your waist. There is nothing else like this belt. Choose the Rogue belt if you’re serious about getting probably the greatest one available.


When should I use a dip belt?

The Dip belts are intended to enhance resistance during your workouts, hence boosting their intensity. To concentrate more on strength and hypertrophy, they should be used towards the start of your working sets and often for fewer reps. Get rid of the belt and concentrate solely on bodyweight exercises for greater rep ranges that are more endurance-based.

My gym already has a dip belt. Should I still buy my own?

You are free to decide. We can tell you that owning one has much more advantages than disadvantages. You won’t ever need to wait for someone to complete using it or wonder if the person who used it before you cleaned it. Since you can measure your waist before placing an order, it will also be the appropriate size for you. The need to transfer it to and from the gym is the only major drawback.

I’m not strong enough yet to use a dip belt. What can I do to get there?

We offer a guide on progressive overload that, when used properly, may be able to assist you in improving pretty much any lift. Until you can execute three to five repetitions of bodyweight dips with adequate technique and control, bench dips are a fantastic substitute. Just remember that improvement takes time, and if you persevere and put in the effort, you’ll succeed.

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