Elite Martial Arts are various combat sports directed towards self-defense or attack. The origin of elite martial arts is thought to have evolved from the fighting arts of East Asia. However, the term Martial comes from Latin and means “art of Mars,” who was the Roman god of War. Hence the term originally emerged in the mid-16th century in Europe. East Asia has contributed the most to elite martial arts by developing its various kinds. Elite Martial Arts are divided into two categories; armed and unarmed arts.

There are numerous health benefits of practicing elite martial arts. This article puts a detailed light on the health benefits of Elite Martial Arts.

Weight Loss

Obesity is on the rise across the world as busy education or work schedules, global pandemic and influx of unhealthy food have resulted in people unable to take care of their body. A perfect way to work on body weight and get back in shape would be to join a martial arts class. The exercises include aerobics and muscle toning that would result in burning calories and hence weight loss. Martial arts also help with calorie deficit and are a much bigger challenge than regular exercise.


A major portion of Martial Arts is focused on building up muscle strength. The exercises involve kicks, punches and continuous use of body weight as resistance. Practicing regular martial arts would result in increased strength by making the core muscles strong and hence overall strength of the body would increase.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart diseases are one of the most dangerous yet common diseases in today’s world. Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise all add up to damage the cardiovascular health of a human body. Keeping your heart and the vascular system healthy is the utmost necessity of every human. A great way to work on keeping the heart healthy is by practicing elite martial arts regularly. Regular intense exercises of the martial arts keep the heart moving that results in a healthy vascular system as well.

Blood Pressure

Another common but hugely dangerous disease is the high blood pressure that can result in major health hazards such as heart attacks and strokes. The cause of high blood pressure rests in continuous unhealthy diet, no exercise or care for the body. Elite Martial Arts are a proven way to reduce blood pressure levels through various exercises that result in weight loss and improvement in the cardiovascular aspects of human health.

Mental Health

Physical health of a human is directly inter-link to their mental health and wellbeing. Obesity, diseases and poor fitness can play a devastating role in the mental wellbeing of a human. On top of that, it does not take much to lose hope and give up on life with this fast-paced world. Even a small failure can be fatal and can result in a massive decline in the mental health and wellbeing of any person. Therefore, it is essential to have an activity like martial arts that can not only improve physical health but also mental wellbeing. The weight loss, improved strength and a healthy routine lifestyle will result in an increase in confidence, improvement in self-esteem and an overall positive outlook of the once torn and tattered life.

Stress Relief

A hectic lifestyle consisting of work, family duties, education etc. can cause an immense amount of stress to anyone. Continuous stress can affect professional or social performance in a negative way. Hence it is essential to have some time every week to release the stress caused by the hectic, fast-paced life. No activity is better to release stress than Elite Martial Arts. The time spent practicing and exercising takes away the worries of everyday life and reduces the tension built up throughout the day.


Dangers are everywhere and in places and situations we least expect. The one human ability that gets us out of a sudden danger is our reflexes. Our Sharp reflexes can not only help us but also the people around us who are vulnerable such as old people, injured or crippled and children. Elite Martial Arts work on the improvement of our reflexes and balance. Continuous practice of martial arts can improve our reflexes to such a degree that we can react to any danger in an effective and compact manner and hence saving ourselves or those around us.


Another concern with the physical health of humans is the loss of mobility with age. As we get older, we lose mobility as some of our joints, our muscles rarely move. As a result of being stuck to a strict routine of professional and family life, exercise time is limit or non-existent. Losing mobility is dangerous and can result in many other risks in old age. Elite Martial Arts practice works on every part of a human body and every joint and every muscle is tested and worked. Continuous practice of martial arts at a young age can result in minimum loss of mobility in the future.

Focus and Concentration

As much as Martial Arts is about self-defense and combat, one of the most important but least talked-about benefits of Martial Arts is the increase in focus and concentration. Practicing martial arts requires an extreme amount of focus and concentration. From observing the opponent, learning the combat moves to understanding your own capacity. Focus is one of the best outcomes gain from elite martial arts. The same focus can be use in other spheres of life to achieve greater improvements.


The more you utilize energy, the more energetic you become. Regular exercise of martial arts may expend your energy but it also makes you feel more active and energetic.

Although Elite Martial Arts are for self-defense, they also have a great impact on the physical. And mental health of a person as highlighted in the article above.

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