Boxing gloves hand wraps also known as just hand wraps are an essential part of boxing gear. Hand wraps can be any sizeable cloth or bandages that go underneath the actual boxing gloves. Although they are associated with boxing predominantly, almost all other combat sports also use the hand wraps while training, sparring or in actual combat. The basic purpose of hand wraps is to protect the hand Knuckles and wrist from injuries caused by punching. The hand, wrist and especially knuckles have several peculiar joints that can be easily injured during the practice of boxing or other combat sports. The hand wrap secures the hand, fingers and the wrist as it is wrapped around the wrist, the palm and the bottom of the thumb. In this way, it keeps the joints safe by aligning them and also provides strength to the soft tissues of the hand while punching.

Types and Lengths of Boxing Gloves Hand Wraps

There are several different types of hand wraps out there in the market. You need to select the one best for your combat sport considering the shape and posture of your hand. Your hand wrap must be perfect and utmost comfortable; a poorly selected hand wrap can result in further injuries to the hand, fingers or the wrist.

Below is a detail account of the different hand wraps commonly use in boxing and other combat sports.

Reusable Cloth

As evident by its name, this hand wrap is a piece of cloth that can be use multiple times. The reusable cloth is sold by all the top brands and is available in different size lengths. The general length of the reusable cloth hand wrap is between 120 to 210 inches. Needless to say that the longer the length, the more the cloth you have to wrap your hands with and the more protection you get. Other ways to decide the length of the cloth are to take into account the size of your hands and the activity you are involve in. smaller hands would automatically mean smaller cloth length. Solo training or shadow boxing would also require smaller length of hand wrap cloth as compared to sparring or actual boxing.

Tape and gauze

Tape and Gauze is the most protective type of boxing gloves and hand wraps. This hand wrap is most commonly use by professional boxers. The popularity of this hand wrap is due to it being not only the most protective but also the lightest hand wrap available in the market. The gauze is wrapp around the hand with the help of different tapes that not only secure the gauze but protect the hand too. As it is a manual way of wrapping, it is a difficult skill to master. Initially, you may need the help of another person to properly wrap it. It may well be a time-consuming job but the protection given by the tape and gauze is unmatch.

Elastic Bandage (Mexican Style)

Another famously used hand wrap in combat sports is the elastic bandage. As stated in its name, the hand wrap has elasticity which is its main quality. It can stretch and fit the hand as per its shape, size and posture. The purpose of elasticity is to provide slight compression so that lactic acid is preserve in the muscle cells which result in better result even with the lighter workout, plus both fabrics. Lastly, the elastic bandage also has better durability as compare to the reusable cloth and the tape and gauze.

How to wrap your hands for boxing?

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before starting the wrapping process. It is pertinent to know that there are various processes of wrapping; the process explained in this article is the standard hand wrapping:

  1.   Pick up the hand wrap with your stronger or dominant hand.
  2.   Use the weaker hand to wrap the thumb of your dominant hand while making your fingers spread apart. Make sure the loop around the thumb is secure and comfortable.
  3.   Continuing from the thumb, now make loops around your wrist with the wrap cloth until it feels tight but the circulation of the wrist should not be restrict.
  4.   To make the thumb and the wrist secure, repeat the thumb and the wrist loop three more times.
  5.   From right to left, wrap your knuckles in a way that the wrap cloth goes across the palm. Make it tight but comfortable at the same time. The fingers should still be widely spread.
  6.   After wrapping the knuckles three times, bring the wrap cloth back to make another loop around the wrist.
  7.   After the wrist, take the wrap cloth and wrap it between the middle finger. And ring finger then bring the cloth across the palm and finally over the thumb.
  8.   From this position, wrap around the knuckles and then the wrist for the last time.
  9.   Lastly, securely fastened the wrap for it to keep intact during the practice.

When to wear and when to clean your Boxing Gloves Hand Wraps?

As explained earlier, the hand wraps are an essential part of boxing gear. Not only do they protect the hand, fingers and the wrist, they also provide comfort and flexibility during the practice. You should use your hand wraps while training alone or with a coach. As you would be punching with full force in training, you must use the hand wraps. During a sparring session, you must always use hand wraps to protect your hands. And to learn and become comfortable with their material. Needless to say that during a proper boxing match you will have boxing gloves. And hand wraps that will be check by officials as per the rules and regulations. You must wash and clean your boxing gloves hand wraps after every use. Put them in a garment bag to wash and then dry. Never use wet hand wraps to avoid injuries and infections.

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