Here are the five fantastic moves for the double-end speed bag; you will love them. They will be pretty tricky, but they are great and will make you look like a stud in the gym or look like you stood the next time you hit one of these things. The last tip is pretty straightforward, but it is the hardest to do for your conditioning. Let’s start with the number five, which is thrown across the body.

How can a body punch on a double-end bag?

People think, how can they do a body punch on a double-end bag? Double-blind bags are great, but you know it is just hitting the head, but no, it is not that advanced move is hitting in the body. The lower little thin black line, the lower support of the double-end speed bag, is where you will punch. You are going to do it across the body. You have to throw one-two, but rather than the one-two on the ball center, you have to throw the jab on the top and the two bodies. From there, when you get your start, you can throw a combination. What variety would you throw in boxing if you threw a jab at the head and the right hand at the body? You are in the correct position to throw that left hook to the head because you have hit him in the body; his hands have come down. Over the top, so that is the combination we want to throw it is an advanced combination, so jab the right head hand if the body left hook to the head. It would be best to get it back when you jab it into that forward and backward position. Hitting it with body shots will add that into different combinations. Then move, or you could throw a warm one to the body. Then come back with that hook to the head. Once you start throwing that body shot, you can throw as many combinations as you want, adding that in now.

The most crucial point where you box

Let’s move on to number two; you must get on the job, the most crucial point you are boxing, and move to circle the ball. While driving around the ball in a process, you cannot look at the ball because you have to get the timing down. You have to know precisely where it is going to cool, where it is coming back to the point. As you are punching at the same time, you have to watch, so there at the same time punching stepping through that left hand, though when you get used to doing this both ways, it is harder moving your right than you can get another toe.

Advance Level of throwing

Let’s move on to the number three. This is similar to number two, but this time you will advance it by throwing a one-two and circling with the one-two as you step and punch on double-end speed bag. So it’s going to be hitting at the same time. The little punches, yes, the form is not great. You have to move and get used to time stepping and punching. It’s always harder moving to your right if you are right-handed. Feeding your hands, you are going at the same time.

Different Combinations

Let’s move on to number four. Now this one is another body punch, but this time it is the body’s job. But you will add different combinations to it. You are going to put the right hand of the body in as well. You are going to mix it all up and what you have to do when you are throwing body shots on is to start with the body’s job. The center of the boxing glove must hit the bungee there because if you hit the side of your glove, your hands will come off the other side’s hands are going to come off. Hit the center so start with some light jabs. Get the timer with that; then, you would double up the body when you get that down. Once you have got that down now, we can start mixing up. Now, you have to jab the hedge out to the body; if you were fighting. Imagine this has hit you with a job at the head if you are counting with your job. You have to step and throw the jab to the body and take your head off that center line; that is what you are going to do on the ball.

By throwing it overhand

Now we are going to advance that by throwing it overhand right in the ring. When you have heard you reach the head. Your hands have come up with the jab of the body and come up with a big overhand right. So, to jab the head, jab the body cross the head. You have to keep doing it, and then from there. You can add in other punches that you can add in the cross to the body as well. It is the job of the head chat with the body cross to the head jab of the head cross to the long body combination. With this, you can mix your body and body head. When you are mixing it up, hitting the bed, hitting the body moving around. You know getting comfortable is uncomfortable because hitting the opponent is quite uncomfortable.

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