Are you thinking about training yourself in Mixed Martial Arts? Or do you want to join a gym but are not sure what gear you need? The commonly asked question by the beginners is “What type of MMA gears do I need?” or “what will be the Best MMA Gearfor me to start the Mixed Martial Arts?” As there are different castigations in the MMA, whether for striking or grappling, each style requires a different set of equipment.

Like any other sport, MMA training also requires specific equipment to protect you from injuries or cuts during the training sessions. Here we will discuss the top Best MMA Gears you need to start your training. We will also provide you with a complete guideline on why you need them and how to use them correctly. The Best MMA gears and MMA wearsthat you should have before starting your MMA training include:


MMA boxing gloves are an essential part of the MMA training session to protect you and your training partner from the brutal impact of punches. These boxing gloves are quite different from traditional gloves. The MMA gloves are padded gloves that cover the whole hand and wrist, which most MMA gears trainers wear on their hands during fighting to influentially deliver their punches. There are some purposes for using boxing gloves; firstly, to protect the hands of the protester during the contest. It also protects and lessens the impact of any facial injuries on their training partner. The second and primary purpose is to practice and solidification of your assaults. There are so many different MMA Boxing Gloves available for sparring, training, and competition. The standard sizes available in MMA gloves are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz weights.

The recommendation for beginners is to use 16oz because they provide more protection and are heavier to help build your arm and shoulder strength. Many different brands and designs of MMA boxing gloves are available but cheaply made MMA gloves do not offer good protection and durability as premium boxing gloves. If you have a plan to practice for a long time and want to make your MMA boxing gloves an investment, we recommend you get synthetic leather or vinyl material gloves because they will last longer.


After MMA gloves, the essential piece of protective equipment for beginners of MMA training is a head guard. It provides you the proficiency to box harder and a compact risk of supporting a head injury more often. A head guard is a protective gear to cover the head and is made of material that absorbs impact, such as high compactness foam. The essential purpose of this MMA gears is to prevent posturing injuries to the face and head.

Specifically, training like striking, where it is more intensive on pointing the body and head, is where a head guard can be beneficial. The primary injuries that occur when beginners start training in MMA without headgear is a broken nose, cuts to the eyebrows, impact of unintentional head drums, eardrums bursting, and also concussions. The most crucial factor in using a head guard is the protection evaluation; it should protect the head’s front, sides, and rear parts.


A pair of Shin Guard is an essential requirement for MMA training to protect your lower legs and your boxing partner. A Shin Guard is equipment designed to protect the shins and foot. They are made of various materials, with thick padding to absorb the impact when conspicuous with your legs. Their primary purpose is to keep your shin and foot healthy while sustaining the maximum duration of MMA training over a significant period.

The main point is that in MMA, shin guards are only used in training, not during competition. There are various aspects while choosing the proper shin guards; it all comes down to quality, durability, reliability, and comfort. When choosing shin guards for MMA, make sure that they fit right to your legs and according to the length of your legs. If you plan to train longer time, you must invest in high-quality premium shin guards. Another factor you have to consider before purchasing shin guards because most of them are dangerous on the top of the foot where smaller and softer bones are located. You must purchase good coverage and padding around the foot to grip impression and enough tractability in the ankle joints to improve flexibility. The fit of the shin guard depends on your height and shin length:




Shin Length


4 to 5 feet




Small size


5 to 5.5 feet




Medium size


5.5 to 6 feet




Large size


6 feet and above




X-Large size



This is the equipment that all boxers need, whether it is training or boxing competition. A mouthguard is designed to diminish dental fractures, jaw injuries, and head suffering from attacks to the face. A mouthguard is a protective device made of a thermoplastic material that provides coverage to the teeth and gums to prevent injuries and reduce pain in the teeth, arches, lips, and gums. The feature of a mouthguard is that it can be molded into the shape inside your mouth for a personalized and comfortable fit.

Some things to consider while choosing the right mouthguard. The right fit and the proper size of mouth guard keep you comfortable and safe. The well-fitted mouth guard will remain securely in place and allow you to speak and breathe normally.


MMA Shorts are an essential part of Mixed Martial Arts apparel designed to give free movements and comfort during striking. These shorts help in maintaining crowning performance when undulating around in mats. There are three main types of MMA shorts to choose and depending on your fondness; each one has its benefits.

The traditional MMA Shorts, which have longer leg length with Velcro strap closure for a superior hold to the waist, is named MMA Grappling Shorts. These MMA shorts are ideal for all mixed martial arts styles that can bounce during striking and safeguard the legs from scratches during a fight.

The second type of MMA shorts is the vale Tudo style, mostly a compression MMA Shorts designed to provide maximum tractability. They allow your legs to move unlimitedly during boxing. These shorts, however, cannot be used on their own without a groin guard.

The third type is the Hybrid MMA shorts. These shorts are the progress of vale tudo and short board types that can differ in design and cut. These shorts have become popular due to their distinct design, shorter leg length, and higher reinforced leg slits. They have a Velcro strap made of lightweight material and made with lightweight materials making MMA hybrid shorts the best preference in the industry.

Groin Guard

MMA training requires a lot of tackling, kicking, and punching, and some movements can go delinquent and hit you in the groin area. Just know the importance of this MMA gear; it is best to have protection.

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